How to Consciously Direct the powers of the Subtle Energy for Health and Manifestation by Cyndi Dale

Cyndi believes our subtle body, subtle energy and subtle universe compromises 99.99% of all reality. By understanding the subtle body you empower yourself with what’s imperative in life: healing, manifesting, learning, living and loving. Let us dive further into understanding what she really means.

Cyndi explains we all comprise of subtle energies that serve as the subtle body- the anatomy is made out of subtle organs, channels and fields; in order to tap into your highest potential it’s imperative to know how to work with them. What is the role of energy? It is fundamentally information that vibrates or moves. She breaks this down using an example of a cup of coffee: the information tells coffee to be coffee, the vibrations tell it to be hot or cold; and if you change the information in the coffee cup, or around it, you could have a different beverage. By this logic, if we alter information or vibration, we can change just about anything. This can easily be applied to our health and wellbeing!

Dale delves deeper by detailing the 2 types of energies:

  1. Physical: measurable and concrete
  2. Subtle: immeasurable

Drawing on the coffee example again, if you were in a bad mood when you brewed the coffee, those negative vibrations can be transferred to the drinker. The commonality between the physical and subtle energy are always composed of light and sound (and a lot of light and sound can’t even be seen or heard) however, they are governed by different scientific laws.

Cyndi turns to quantum physics as an important cornerstone to explain different concepts, such as the ‘Law of Entanglement’ and the ‘Observer Phenomenon’ to support her theory of how connected we all are, within our bodies, and between each other. Another interesting scientific fact, is the human brain fires in at least 11 dimensions simultaneously, which proves we are more than just 3D, and our thoughts can impact the outcome of a situation.

Next let us discuss the physical and subtle body that are intertwined. Our body emits measurable electromagnetic fields creating a physical boundary around us, and this can be used to interact with others’ physical boundary. The physical body comprises of organs, fields and channels, which are measurable; while the subtle body’s felids, organs and channels are magnanimous and are near infinite.

Dale discusses the concept of Chakras, which is considered an organ in the subtle body world and help convert subtle energy into physical energy and vice versa. A chakra can unfold outside your body and we term it an ‘auric field’. There are many other theories that explain the subtle body such as Meridians in Chinese Medicine and Nadis in the Hindu system and these support the belief that your thoughts can determine your actions and your subtle thoughts or ‘influenced thoughts’ will determine what you can even hear.

Moving on Dale details out how your DNA emanates sound, reacts to sounds, and also gives out photons. The DNA also responds to phonons in the body that are quantum units generated every time there is a pressure wave in your physical body, or your heart beats, and they hold deep thoughts and emotions transcending from the outside world. These phonons direct DNA to signal on certain genes and can determine organ health. This explains why we are seeing so many studies, professionals and people in general believing we should focus on positive thoughts.

Those who have experienced healing or manifestation owe it to their ‘subtle energy’. By managing to direct your subtle self you can gain more power with your true self; you can change your life and enable the transformation of others and the world.

Dale concludes her class with some brilliant and insightful exercises that help us understand and experience how the subtle body can help heals us and how the physical body can transfer energy to the subtle body. A fun and interesting fact: Science says 30% of what we imagine actually translates to what happens in the body.