What does Healthy Mean to You?

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What does health mean to you?

This question is sure to receive a range of answers, it’s a matter of perspective and relevance. For you it may be laying off fast food, or eating foods that match the rainbow, while others focus on  the right proportion of carbs, proteins and vitamins.

The theories surrounding health and diet are endless. There are constantly new studies being published supporting different hypothesis, for example, eating the right thing at the right time, while some may say it’s all about the calorie deficit diet. Google – our personalised online expert has answers to all our questions today. However, what was deemed “healthy” a few years ago, may not stand valid today sending us in a frenzy to stay updated. This can leave us overwhelmed and struggling to implement the ‘free’ advice. While the world wide web offers ohsomany benefits, it requires skill and expertise to sieve through all the content, and sometimes that means going ‘offline’ to consult a professional.

My Wellness Journey

Generation ‘Z’ seems far more aware of “foods that nourish us” vs. “junk food” than their predecessors. I don’t remember ever questioning what and why I was eating, apart from ‘do I like this’. I reminisce about my university days, living off pizza, burgers, chocolate bars (courtesy all the vending machines across campus), alcohol (cheaper the better) and crisps (as they are known in the UK). I was so happy living my best life, completely oblivious to just  what I was doing to my body.

After graduation I moved to Mumbai- a good time to revisit my ‘diet’, since I could spoil myself with home cooked food; a much better option after 3 years of fast food. In an effort to put “less” in my body I would sometimes skip meals to justify eating more dessert (I have an overpowering sweet tooth). Cold Coffee was my evening snack suppressant! Rather than focusing on ‘what’ I was eating I was  concerning myself with eating less- so if it meant skipping a nutritious meal to indulge in some dessert, that was fine in my head.

In hindsight, I was obviously unaware of our body’s basic requirements- guess biology didn’t cover everything! While we are discussing the importance of food in our health, let’s not forget the real superhero, that genuinely keeps us thriving, our mental well-being! Moving base from Hong Kong to India was challenging. I missed my friends, relatives, the known environment and warmth of the city I called Home. 

Over time, a few health issues started surfacing. To name a few, I would experience a constant pain around the right side of my abdomen that could grew to excruciating levels. I suffered from recurrent colds, frequent allergy attacks and felt fatigued for no reason.

With a childhood history of doctors and allopathy (a story for another time), I decided, after a few more doctor visits, it was time to take matters into my own hands, or at least attempt to see how I can support my body to heal. Long story short, I realised over the years I had been very unkind to my body, not because I didn’t care, but I simply lacked awareness and understanding of my “anatomy”, how it really functioned and WHAT it needed. 

I started aligning myself with natural laws; eating more fruit and vegetables in an effort to alkaline my system. I gradually cut down the amount of junk food and focused on whole foods. While doing this, I equipped myself with a deeper understanding of how my body functions, our circadian rhythm, and the fact that food isn’t the only way to nourish myself. I learnt that Holistic healing works when we approach life from all aspects of being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Over a period of time my cold and allergies eased and eventually disappeared. The unexplained throbbing pain almost never surfaces (and remains unexplained by doctors, but I believe I can explain it now). I not only feel my best, but empowered to heal myself at the off chance I do fall sick. Our bodies are made to be in health, and will always strive to maintain that status, if only we could listen with intent and respect.

This doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a pizza, or indulge in dessert when I want, I absolutely do. Now, I have learned how to balance it, whether it means including a side salad, or some extra lemon shots after.

It’s taken me years to understand my mind and body and to appreciate how connected they truly are (I’m still learning everyday). Health for me is not just about food, it’s about my primary needs, which determine how happy I am. Health is about awareness and finding balance in each aspect of our life. So, I encourage you to equip yourself with understanding your body as an entity, and dig deeper to appreciate yourself and honour what your body needs.

I promise, no doctor can do this for you!

Basic things I learned and want to share:

  • Every individual’s constitution is unique and requires personalised attention
  • Our mind is the ring-master / powerhouse of the body. A calm and peaceful mind is key to a healthy body
  • All our organs work in rhythm together
  • The concept of well-being is wholesome care and nourishment

What can be YOUR first step to YOUR wellness journey?

Start by including more seasonal fruits and vegetables available as a part of your daily diet. Try some deep breathing, even if it is just 5 minutes. Take baby steps towards the long road to wellness, don’t wait for the beginning of the month or week or any special occasion. Start NOW!


About the author

Wholesome by Bhavini is an initiative towards understanding the importance of health and its influence on all emotional and physical aspects of our body. Bhavini is a qualified Health and Lifestyle Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She is intuitive, sensitive and non-judgmental to work with. The biggest gain from the program is, she empowers  you to understand and manage your body and its symptoms; to achieve a positive impact emotionally and physically.

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